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Important information customers may don't know

Upgrade iCloud storage

 You can increase your iCloud storage by following the steps below:
A – Go-To Settings
B – Choose Your Name
C – Choose iCloud
D – Press Manage Storage
E – Press Upgrade
F – Choose the desired plan and then Press Upgrade to iCloud+ and follow the on-screen instructions.

What does iTunes Do

iTunes is a Program made by Apple that helps you manage your iDevice using your computer, below is a summary:
A – Organize and play your music and video.
B – Make backups of connected devices.
C – Play or download an unlimited number of songs with Apple Music with a paid subscription
D – Find music, movies, TV shows, audiobooks, podcasts, and more in the iTunes Store
E – Set up your iPhone, iPad, or iPod and add music, video, and more 

Accepted Proof Of Purchase (POP)

For us to accept the POP that came with the device, the POP should contain the following:
A – Compare the details from the POP to the information in GSX or MobileGenius (such as DOP, product name, model, marketing number, and configuration).
B – POP must include the DOP.
C – Purchase price and reseller contact information must be displayed on the POP as required by local laws.
D – POP must be legible. If the POP is illegible, the customer should request another POP from the reseller.
E – Handwritten POP from a business is acceptable if the details match the information in GSX or MobileGenius (such as DOP, product name, model, marketing number, and configuration). 

How to clean your device

Make sure you clean your iDevice regularly by following the steps in the links below:
A –
B –

Apple’s Commitment to the Environment

Apple’s number one priority is the customer experience and the environment, you can learn more about Apple’s commitment to the environment by visiting the link below.

Apple Warranty Links 

You Can learn all the information you need on Apple’s website by following the link below: